Katayoun Amjadi

Why Don’t You Smile Bozi?

Why don’t you smile Bozi? آخه بزی چرا نمی خندی؟ was inspired by the stylized design of a Persian ibex (a mountain goat) motif that I have borrowed from a six thousand year old Iranian ceramic beaker. In the Persian language “bozi” means little goat, and the title of the work refers to a humorous folk song that was meant to spread holiday cheer and put a momentary smile on the frozen faces of people. I use “bozi” as a symbol of a glorified past evoking the Persian Empire, Persian Garden, Persian carpet, Persian cat, etc. juxtaposed with the miniature gold-leaf oil barrel that evokes “axis of evil”, Persian Gulf Wars, sanctions, nuclear programs, Geneva talks, and simply put, Oil politics. I’m fascinated with oil politics and the major role it plays in the world’s delicate political balance. My generation came of age in the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 Revolution and the subsequent eight years of devastating war with Iraq. With many Iranians choosing life in diaspora, I often wonder how different history would be if oil had never been discovered in the region.

From Right to Left, 2015

Bozi III, 2015

Bozi II, 2015

Bozi I, 2015

Bozi Replicas, 2013-2014