Katayoun Amjadi

This is Not a Pomegranate

Native to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, pomegranate has been held sacred by many of the world’s major religions, legends and mythologies. The robust round shape of a pomegranate with its blood colored flesh bursting open with numerous seeds are emblematic of feminine body, the female source of nature and thus continuity of life. This is Not a Pomegranate series consists of ceramic installations and performances which walk the line between fine art and mainstream aesthetics. In this series, I embrace the motif of a pomegranate with both its past and present prominence. The past portrayals with symbolic meanings such as life, resurrection, love and abundance, and the present significance as pervasive decorative goods of the Middle Eastern cultures.

Dolorous Interlude, 2015

Sarah has a Pomegranate, 2015

Blue Truck, 2014